About Relish...

The Beginning

Our journey began in 2012 with the inaugural Portside Food and Wine Festival. The 2013 event brought new and exciting things including the new name; “Relish Fraser Coast”. We have built this event into a regional showcase to promote and celebrate our regional produce and food industry and also provide a total festival experience to broaden market appeal for this already popular weekend in Maryborough.

2016 proved to be popular with fine weather and a great crowd, with the program extended into the early evening to satisfy those looking to enjoy the sun set in the park with a glass of wine and some relaxing tunes. Some new additions to the program included the Demonstrations Marquee and the Rosemount Wine Bar.  The Food Lovers Marquee was packed, all keen to catch the finest chefs from around the region cooking up a storm.  

Indulge in this delicious showcase of the Fraser Coast’s fresh seasonal produce, local seafood, innovative chefs and regional wineries.

Relish is a delightful combination of all of the ingredients that make the Fraser Coast so special. Maryborough’s magnificent heritage streetscapes and stunning riverside parks serve as the distinct backdrop for this celebration of food and wine. 

Our foods are grown with love and care in the Fraser Coast’s idyllic natural environment. Ensure that you sample the finest of local produce - including mouth-watering Hervey Bay Scallops and Bauple Macadamia Nuts.

We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by Queensland’s premier wineries who craft their wines with personality, character and life and enjoy bringing them to share with you.

Meet our local growers and makers who love to share the fruits of their work, and talented chefs who are passionate about providing the unmistakable stamp of our region in every dish.

So relax, enjoy and savour the moment at Relish Food & Wine Festival.

What Relish means to us...

Relish Fraser Coast branding has been designed to connect a strategic regional marketing campaign to this event. Tempting consumers (residents and visitors) to “relish” their Fraser Coast experience – an unexpected package that provides a strong sense of pleasure and enjoyment – relaxed, laid back and fun.


  1. enjoy something
    to enjoy or take great pleasure in an experience
    we relished every minute of our day
  2. enjoy eating something
    to enjoy the taste of a particular food or drink


  1. enjoyment
    a liking or appreciation of food or of an experience
    a relish for adventure
  2. spicy side dish or accompaniment
    a spiced side dish or accompaniment to food
  3. strong taste
    a pleasing sensation of strong taste or flavour
  4. interest or excitement
    especially when it makes something more enjoyable
    the incident added relish to an otherwise dull weekend