Importance of Regional Branding...

Regional branding highlights those qualities or attributes readily identified as a unique and attractive characteristic to a region.  In Australia, there are regional food groups and wine industry associations who are working with regional tourism authorities to develop regional brands.

Regional branding can help a region get noticed and remembered by its potential customers. It also allows regions to support existing investments made by other sectors, for example tourism, to establish their position in the market.

Regional branding assists with product differentiation because a strong brand can be one of the few authentic differences between products in some categories. By linking with the local regional brand businesses may be able to add a further dimension to their own brand.

There are a number of recognisable and highly-successful regional food brands currently in the Australian market. Eyre Peninsula as Australia’s Seafood Frontier, the Hunter Valley Wine Region, the Barossa Valley and – closer to home, Gympie Gold Regional Produce and Bundy Pride.

Research shows that the ‘local and regional’ trend is continuing to grow rapidly, and is predicted soon to surpass ‘organic’. Consumers understand that local and regional products benefit their local economy, the environment and their health. This is evidenced by a strong consumer reaction against imported products, food quality concerns over mass-produced food products, and a consumer desire for products that are ‘greener’ and  – local and regional is sustainable.

The purpose of the Relish Fraser Coast brand is to promote the unique food story of the Fraser Coast, engender pride in local food and agri-businesses and encourage referrals to other local businesses, assist FC primary producers to increase their growing capacity and capability, expansion of our regional product offering, foster innovation in manufacturing technology, and encourage value-adding through better use of agricultural by-products, primarily for the high-end boutique market.